JLo and Alex Rodriguez don’t want to rush their wedding ceremony but it doesn’t mean that they haven’t planned anything

Everyone knows about the blooming romance between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. But sources reveal that the couple is in no hurry to get married. Rather, both JLo and A-Rod wish to have a longer second phase for their relationship.

The On The Floor singer has no intention of “rushing” down the aisle. But then, this doesn’t mean that the wedding plans are not in action. A source close to Jennifer revealed that Jennifer has, “recently begun quietly planning her wedding to Alex. It’s still in the early stages and she’s keeping it all very hush-hush. Though she’s begun planning, she’s in no major rush [to get married] and neither is Alex.”

These days, Jennifer is more focused on her career. She is investing more time in her work right now. The star is going to film lot of projects this fall. The source stated that Jennifer “remains very focused on being taken as a serious actress and doing more movies.” She has neither been nor looked happier and prettier before.

We might conjecture that the glow on Jennifer’s face comes from the happiness of being with her dream man, Alex Rodriguez. Also, Jennifer does have a reputation for holding the best of the events but A-Rod’s not going to leave all the wedding presentations on her alone.

Although the party might not be very grand, for it’s going to be neither of the two’s first wedding. It’s going to be Rodriguez’s second wedding and Jennifer’s fourth. But we also cannot forget that Jennifer can turn even a tacos night into a legendary bash.