Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek Made A Shocking Revelation Of Not Continuing With His Cancer Treatment Anymore! Check it out.

The Jeopardy show host Alex Trebek is going through a severe heart crisis as the host is fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer. While Alex seems to be going through a steady recovery, he made a huge revelation about his health and fans might want to have a look at it.

Alex Trebek Reveals That He Might Not Continue With The Cancer Treatment Any Longer.

Apparently, the game show host made a shocking statement saying that stopping treatment for pancreatic cancer spent bother him in the least! He is planning to stop the treatment if the current ongoing treatment doesn’t work at all or doesn’t prove successful enough.

While the host has given fans updates about his steady recovery and he feels great and even his numbers are good, however, according to recent sources, his prognosis has been gotten worse. It ha become so bad that the host as actually said that he told his wife that he actually wants to die it’s that bad!

The Show Host Confesses That He Led A Full Life And Is Not Afraid Of Dying.

In an exclusive article, the host has confessed that he is not afraid to doe as he has led a happy life, a full life. The host has gone on to talk briefly about his ensuring attacks of great depression along with moments of great pain.

A few months ago a picture of the game show host went viral as he looked completely unrecognizable due to the whole ongoing treatment going on. However, his fans soon backlashed people saying that the man is going through  a difficult phase and we should bot make comments about his appearance  . We sure hope he recovers quickly.