Mickey Rourke is not happy about “punk ass” Robert De Niro and his comments over ‘The Irishman’. Check it out.

Mr. Rourke has said took onto the Instagram platform to criticize De Niro. “That is correct I am conversing with you, you large screwing crybaby. A companion of mine fair as of late disclosed to me that a couple of months back you’re cited as saying to papers ‘Mickey Rourke’s a liar he talks all sort of poo.'”


The Irishman got criticized by Rourke whih has portrayed De Niro. De Niro had other team mates too like Joe Pesci and Al Pascino! Rourke said that Martin Scorsese had met De Niro, to offer him a role in his film. Unfortunately, the role granted to De Niro was cancelled as he was prohibited to work in Sin City. His spokesman released that Rourkewas not at all invited for a role in Irishman.

“Listen Mr.Tough Guy in the motion pictures, you’re the first individual that at any point considered me a liar and it was in a paper,” Rourke wrote in the Instagram post. “Let me disclose to you something, you punk ass, when I see you I promise to God on my Grandmother, on my sibling and every one of my pooches, I going to humiliate you seriously 100%.”

He marked the post, “Mickey Rourke, ‘as God is my observer’.”

The duo’s fight began at the sets of Angel Heart that was filmed in 1987, where Rourke said De Niro exploited him because of nepotism!


A week ago, De Niro’s legal advisor guaranteed the Raging Bull entertainer has endured a monetary shot during the coronavirus pandemic.

The actor saw a two-fold rise in his net worth along with the money he earned from the Nobu eatery. During the same time, Rourke had wrapped up his shooting in World War II, despite the long lockdown due to coronavirus.