After Keeping The News Of Pregnancy A Secret, Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake Have Welcomed Their Second Child!

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have some great news to share with the world and it seems like a new member is all set to join the happy family.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Have Welcomed A Second Child In Their Family!

Apparently, the couple has welcomed a second child into their family after keeping a hush-hush pregnancy all along. They managed to keep the pregnancy a secret and now the baby has finally arrived. Fans received a pleasant shock as no one knew about this surprise pregnancy which the couple managed to hide so well!

Due to the global pandemic attack, the couple was in lockdown in Montana along with their five-year-old son. The couple somehow managed to keep the whole pregnancy thing a big secret and the media had no idea about this secret pregnancy. The lockdown might have helped!

The Couple Managed To Keep The Whole Pregnancy Top Secret!

While the couple went on to post some interesting pictures, they somehow managed to not make Biel’s pregnancy come out in the public eye. Even in some mixture of the actress, she is wearing a loose robe and fans could not predict the whole pregnancy! Even though there were several posts on Instagram ,Biel managed to keep the news under covers. They were not seen in public for a while as well.

While the couple has not made any official social media post of of yet, we assume that they might do it soon enough. Moreover, an insider source has revealed that they are planning to reveal the gender of the baby soon enough. So, we are eagerly awaiting for the couple to upload an adorable photo of the new born baby.