Jennifer Tilly reveals that Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant have been dating for several years. Is it true? Read to find out.

By 6 months ago

The 61 year old actress, Jennifer Tilly revealed that Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant have been in an actual relationship for years and they did not disclose it to anyone. According to her, the couple was doing this from a long time right under our noses but still everyone was unaware of this news.

She said that she still remembers how a year ago Alexandra told her that Keanu Reeves was her boyfriend. This was really surprising for Jennifer Tilly. Before this Tilly used to think that Alexandra is a lesbian. She thought this because Alexandra always used to be so jolly and cheerful.

All these news was revealed by Tilly to the American Heart Association’s program called Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection. Both the actors debuted the red carpet together in the film Gala and the Lacma Art. This was enough to put the internet on fire. Fans started praising the 55 year old Reeves and Grant who is 46 for being of appropriate ages for each other.

They were even praised for their voicing in the popular ‘Matrix’ star. And Tilly continued her talk by saying that it was really very astonishing for her to see both of them together in all the events, since the last five months, And the crowd present there goes crazy on seeing them together.

Jennifer Tilly is popular for her role as Tiffany in the ‘child’s play’. She praised the couple and said Grant is a super cool and elegant lady and both of them make a perfect pair.

She further says that everyone wished to have such a person in their lives. It’s a really very beautiful moment of life and is not like the one shown in Hollywood romance. She even praised Keanu and said that he is a very nice person but he is the lucky one in this case. And she said that she is unaware whether the private couple will marry or not when she was asked about it.