Jay’s story changed every single time and Adnan might use this as a tool to crave his way out of prison!!

Adnan Syed and Jay Wilds have never claimed that they were best friends in any sort, but they did explain that their friendship was good enough for JAy Wilds to sell marijuana to Adnan Syed. They did reveal that they did hang out with each other from time to time.

Sometimes, both Adnan and Jay would say that they are nothing but acquaintances but they knew each other well enough for Adnan Syed to give his new phone to Jay Wilds on the very day Hae Min Lee was murdered.

Image: Mamamia

Jay Wilds’s testimony has helped the law to have Adnan Syed face prison charges for a lifetime for murdering his high school girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Jay Wilds has admitted that he has helped Adnan Syed to bury the body of Hae Min Lee and has confessed of murder in February 1999.

Though Adnan Syed has confessed his innocence many times and said that Jay Wilds was not being truthful about the matter.

Jay Wilds still has to be proven wrong in the court and this might happen because Jay’s stories have always kept changing from time to time.
A podcast team led by Adnan Syed’s family friend, Rabia Chaudry, has suggested evidence that Jay’s interviews with the police might have been off the record.

The podcast team pointed out that Jay has been pretty confused about the details of the night of the murder.

Interestingly, the audiotape of Jay’s interview shows that Jay would remember the details of the night only after there was a tap or knock on the table.

Jay Wilds has sat down with the police three times and he has drastically changed the story, all three times. But what did not change was that he stuck to the point of Adnan showing him his girlfriend’s body and that Jay has helped Adnan in burying the body.