Paul Rudd’s ‘Living With Yourself’ Review; The actor plays double role in the Netflix Series

The web-series ‘Living With Yourself’ premiered on 18th October 2019 and the American actor is making the series quite successful. The high-concept comedy series is created by Timothy Greenberg. The evergreen actor Paul Rudd plays the role of a depressed and introvert man who somehow winds up with a smarter and more energetic clone in his middle age.

The series is about different dimensions of a person and other related topics such as marriage, career, trust issues, chemistry, and jealousy. The story of the series defines the intimate character study of a man who doesn’t have its true aim of his life until something happens in his life.

Paul Rudd's 'Living With Yourself' Review; The actor plays double role in the Netflix Series 3
Paul Rudd is playing double in this series, he played the character of Miles Elliot and Miles Elliot’s clone. The role of Miles’s supportive wife Kate Elliot is carried out by Aisling Bea. Miles does a job at a marketing firm which is quite enough for a good financial status.

Miles Elliot faces a severe fertility problem from which he is struggling. He got too much-depressed struggling with these problems tension with his wife which makes him more frustrated and tired. He can’t focus on his official duties, his marriage and carrier are in a way to collapse at any moment due to lack of motivation and inspiration.

Desperate Miles went for a spa treatment which costs quite a lot of money that he has debit money from the couple’s savings account. The spa parlor wasn’t actually a parlor but an illegal cloning center which makes an enhanced and highly efficient human being duplicates and then murders the actual one.

The web-series is quite good looking at the trailer of the movie that was released on 16th September 2019. One can enjoy ‘Living With Yourself’ on Netflix.