High School Musical director Kenny Ortega has something to comment of Ryan coming out of the closet. What was said?

Binaries in sexuality are not the right concept to many. Some believe it is right. This article is not about disproving or proving the sides of the belief, rather, only about the reality of some individuals.


The world has moved forward in time and people have evolved. Some people call this the evolution of humans. Life can get different from different sects of people. Be it celebrities or a common man, everyone has the same chances of realizing themselves and knowing who they truly are and discovering their sexuality as they need. Many of us have had the experience of facing backlash from society for multiple reasons, many of those seem unwanted in many of our lives. However, what becomes important is to accept oneself the way they are. 

What does Kenny Ortega have to say about Ryan’s sexuality?

Realizing the sensitivity in one’s life regarding their personality. Many people disregard the importance of acceptance to others. It is normal to be open regarding one’s individuality.


One such example was laid by Kenny Ortega who is also the director to the famous High School Music who declared that Ryan was gay and that seemed to have been identified when he was in college. That was the revelation made by him about of loved personality, Ryan.


One needs to normalize the non-binary nature of sexual orientation as that is the new normal for many and should lead to acceptance among people. Acceptance is the need for the hour and must be learned by all regardless of the relationship they share with the person as the ones in concern have enough backlash and insecurities faced by them through others and hence that brings the need to understand every individual.