J.K.Rowling yet again Faces Backlash from Fans due to her Insensitive and Ignorant statement

JK Rowling, aged 54 is an author and the first billionaire who is an author. She has written the most famous book series, Harry Potter, which remains the best selling novel to date and is liked by people from all age groups, be it, kids or adults, all enjoy her books and movies. The author has achieved great heights of success in her career and continues to do so. However, she is known for her homophobic slurs that she has actively passed in the past and seems to have not learned from them as she continues to take a toll at the minorities. 


In the past, she was taken aback by her fans when she called transgenders as ‘dressed men’. The agitation that her fans showed in the past was enough evidence to show how offensive her comments were that they were able to bring outrage among her fans.

It seems like she wished to take back the moment and repeat her mistake again by using a term that defined women, however, the statement in itself was derogatory and has to be scrutinised.

In an interview, she referred to women as those ‘who menstruate’. As a learned human, anyone needs to know that not all those who menstruate are women and the other way round. There are people who relate with the LGBTQ+ community and hail the above phenomenon. That statement not only gained the brunt of her fans, but also the general public and those who hold a high post at workplaces.

The insensitivity with which the statement was passed was not only highly objectionable but also a pain to bear with due to the treatment that trans people have to go through and face a backlash in the society of nonacceptance.