Is Angelina Jolie a part of ‘Bright’ Season 2 along with Will Smith? Find Out Below

Bright, an American film directed by David Ayer is a fictional film. The genre is action and is justified in the course of the series of the film. The name ‘bright’ comes with the idea that in a world filled with magic, only those humans who yield magic wands can sustain and are called brights. The world created by David is fictional, where humans and unique creatures exist in the world.


the series stars Will Smith in the lead role, with Noomi Rapace, Ike Barinholtz as various characters to name a few. The series can be streamed ad watched on Netflix. The storyline of the film makes it unique in the essence that despite the magical world existing with normal life, humans have to continue their work with decency and honesty.

The film was criticised like every other work is, yet hasn’t managed to lower its popularity among its fans. The series will be out with a second part of the movie.

Is there any modification in the second season?

The second part of the movie has been renewed and will be out for a watch by fans. Reports suggest that Will Smith will continue with the second season. The role of others is not confirmed, however, news stemmed out that there would be an addition to a character that will be taken up by Angeline Jolie. The actress has made no official comments on that, however, we know through news outlets that she will be starring in the second season which would be in connection to an already existing character that as played by Edgerton in the first season.

However, there is no confirmation about Edgerton continuing the film series. This news is a happy one for Jolie’s fans.