Is the Katie Holmes Really Pregnant? Find Out the True Story behind the Pregnancy Rumours.

The rumours were going on long enough and everyone is eager to know who the baby daddy is

Most of these are rumours and the sources are not reliable, but here’s what has been reported regarding Katie Holmes’ pregnancy. NW stated that the baby was Jamie Foxx’s, and that Katie is perfectly capable in raising that child alone as Foxx was apparently “messing with her head” for years. While she still loves him, she doesn’t depend on him to look after the child. So she’s going to let him do his thing and not force him to settle down with her for the child.

Tom Cruise and Justin Theroux


But the source who said all the above was seen to be unreliable when Holmes’ rep stated that the actress was not pregnant.

Then the pregnancy rumours started coming again when Star reported that Tom Cruise had a “surprising reaction” to find that both his ex-wives, Holmes and Nicole Kidman, were pregnant. Again the actresses’ reps denied the rumours.

Then in November 2019, rumours again surfaced that Holmes was pregnant with either Foxx’s or Justin Theroux’s baby. Theroux and Holmes were reportedly dating when they discovered the pregnancy. The source said that it would be surprising to know if it were Justin’s kid as he never really wanted them, hence the reason he ended his marriage with Jennifer Aniston.

Foxx being a contender seemed less likely, but he would be happy to know about her pregnant. The source even said that it could be an IVF donor. Then other sources started saying that Holmes and Theroux don’t even know each other. Besides, there aren’t any baby bumps in Katie’s Instagram photos, so all the rumours are baseless.