The Fans’ Favourite ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ will Return with Season 8 with a Promising Storyline

Brooklyn nine-nine, an American TV series has 7 seasons registered to date. The show is currently completed its 7th season and has been renewed for the 8th season. The show is a light comedy, fictional story that highlights an officer named Jake Peralta, played by the versatile Andy Samberg, who has a fine record of catching the rule violators, despite his carefree nature. The show is supported by a huge ensemble cast who manage to tickle the funny bone in viewers in every episode.

What are the updates about the 8th season?

The 8th season will witness changes. In the 7th season, Amy and Jake had a baby boy after the two struggled to conceive. The character Amy played by Mellisa Fumero was real-life pregnant too while shooting for the show, and gave birth to a baby boy post the wrap up. The actress is now a proud mother of two baby boys.

The next season is said to bring a lot of change in fans favourite couple Peraltiago as they are parents and it will be interesting to know how will the two strike between their parental responsibilities and life of a cop.

The show is currently in scripting stage as informed by the writers and like every other issue that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has addressed in the show, it can very well hope that they might add the pandemic crisis in the upcoming season.

And like the reel life heroes, the cast showed heroism in real life as well when the entire cast like most of the USA citizens is fighting against the racism and protesting against the racial murder of George Flyod. The cast even raised a huge money for fundraiser.


What about Gina? Is she planning to return?

Nothing to do with her performance on the show, Gina, the role played by Chelsea Peretti has not been appearing in the show from the 6th season and so was she absent in the 7th season as well. Her fans have waited enough before requesting the show creators to release some information about her return. Gina will no ore continue in the 8th season due to her family commitments. Fans have a lot more than they had thought of from the show and this brings the need for them to keep continuing to watch the show. Although after the 6th season Fox had refused to premiere the series, NBC had taken the lead and has made the show available for the fans to watch. It was the love of the public that the show could continue.