Is The Kate Winslet-Saoirse Ronan Starrer Movie Ammonite All Set To Run In The Oscars Race? What is going on?

It seems like two of the gifted actress have teamed up for the movie titled Ammonite and not only are the fans thoroughly impressed with the movie but it seems like it is back in the Oscar race as well!

Is The Movie Ammonite Up For The Oscars Race?

Set during the 1840s England, the Kate Winslet, and Saoirse Ronan starrer lesbian romance, Ammonite has been gaining an overwhelming response from fans and it seems like the fill very much deserves to be in the Oscar race as well. Here’s the trailer of the powerful movie that has already managed to make a buzz amongst movie fanatics.

The film revolves around fossil hunter Mary Anning played by Kate Winslet, as Anning sells fossils to wealthy tourists to support herself and her ailing mother she crosses path with Charlotte played by Saoirse Ronan who herself is struggling with a personal tragedy. The two soon start a romance that will defy all odds and will go beyond the societal norms and barriers.

The Kate Winslet – Saoirse Ronan Starrer Movie Has Created Quite A Buzz Amongst Fans!

The film has been helmed by writer-director Francis Lee and we are pretty hopeful that the film soon finds it’s way into the prestigious Academy Awards race given the theme and plot of the story and not to forget the two actresses and their soul-soothing performances.

With a story so powerful with two of the most talented actresses teaming up for the movie, we are sure that the movie must be up for the Oscars run. The Academy Award committee has made some new rules under which they will be welcoming more strong themes from filmmakers all over the world.