Harry Potter Star Emma Watson And Her Dating Life Over The Years! These are the guys she has been dating till now.

Emma Watson who became a household name as Hermione Granger in the popular Harry Potter film franchise has always maintained a low profile when it comes to her dating life. The Harry Potter star has not been quite vocal about her dating life.


Who Is Emma Watson Currently Dating?

Emma Watson has even joked about the fact saying that anyone she gets photographed with is tagged as her boyfriend, like this she has almost six thousand boyfriends! However, the actress is reportedly dating Leo Robinton, and an insider source has revealed that she has found the guy she wants to partner with in Leo!


Although it seems like they have been trying to keep the relationship away from the spotlight for a while now. The two have started dating from 2019. Before Leo, the actress has been linked with some known faces.


The Harry Potter Star Has Been Linked With Some Known Faces!

The Harry Potter alum had been linked with George Craig, she even appeared in a music album One Night Only back in 2010. The two even shot an ad for Burberry as well. The romance soon fizzled out. The actress has been in some rumoured linkups but none of them went on for too long.


Moreover, the actress was rumored to be dating co-star Tom Felton as well after they were snapped together on a number of occasions. However, the two denied any such dating rumours. They have been good friends over the years and it seems like there’s nothing more than that between the two. While the actress has been linked with some known faces over the years, these flings or short term relationships did not lasted long.