Is Rick and Morty returning with its season 4 Episode 6 after the Super Bowl ad?

For a long time, there are rumours going on about the return of Rick and Morty. Fans have been eagerly waiting to know any update on the return date for Season 4. And it looks like they may get it this weekend. The cartoon series heavily featured in Pringles’ Super Bowl ad on Sunday. And what could be a better place to announce the premiere date for Season 4, Episode 6.

Although, Rick and Morty Season 4 aired in November, and we got only half of it then. The production house Adult Swim promised to return the show in 2020. But now it seems that the release date may be far off.

This Sunday, the titular characters from Rick and Morty featured in Pringles’ ad for the coveted Super Bowl commercials. Fans pointed out it to be a great chance to announce the release date for the series.

Adult Swim showed all that it is not above surprising commercial stunts, especially where Rick and Morty is concerned. For season 3, fans had waited over a year in 2017. The series suddenly premiered with the new episode on April Fool’s Day. After it was over, the series returned only three more months later.

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As the fourth Season premiered pretty conventionally last year, many fans are expecting another big stunt around this time.

In a teaser for the ad, Rick talked about being trapped in a Pringles commercial. He added that they must have taken then in their sleep. Maybe Rick and Summer are trapped within the Pringles ad for a long time.

The fans have been triggered by the joke and they will now bother Adult Swim to release the episodes as soon as they can. Anyway, it is sure that the show will return sometime in 2020 only.