Is Noah Centineo Single Again? Has Internet Boyfriend Split Up with Real Life Girlfriend Alexis Ren?

It is heard that Noah Centenio has split from his model girlfriend, Alexis Ren.

Noah Centenio, ‘To All The Boys’ actor, has unfollowed Ren from his Instagram account and has also deleted all their pictures from his account. Ren, too has deleted all pictures of Noah from her account.

.The duo had made their relationship officially public in October, as they stepped out together at a UNICEF Halloween party. The couple could be seen holding their hands together outside the event.

Centeno had made it clear that he is into a relationship with Ren, for so long. He took to his Insta and posted that; yes, it’s been a minute, and it is the longest relationship he has ever been in. He continued to say that she is very good at monogamy, and actually, he too loves monogamy. Also, it was revealed by him that he is not into one-night stands.

Credit: metro

In November, Ren too had opened up about Centineo,  to E! News, that he was amazing.

 Ren also said that Centineo’s heart is really genuine, and he has a heart of gold. He is that much of a dork in real life, too.

She also commented that their date nights were spontaneous and that each time, it is different because she is very spontaneous, and so is he. Both of them love art and like to do it together. Noah likes to paint, and Ren had taken him for painting one time. She added.

What has now happened between the two now, we don’t know. Let us wait and see what will happen next.  Maybe it is a simple heartbreak that will be resolved in a few days.