5G Radiation Does Not Spread The Coronavirus. Debunking The Rumours.

Recently, online conspiracy theories have linked coronavirus pandemic to 5G technology. Theories shared on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are being widely spread, and this has caused a ruckus among people and led to the burning of telecom masts in the U.K.

 How did the 5G – Coronavirus rumour start started?

The myth allegedly spread after a Belgian doctor associated the dangers of 5G technology to the virus through a conference in January. A group on Facebook named Stop5G Australia, which has more than 31,700 members has posted several posts linking the disease’s spread to 5G technology.

The rumour is spreading in two ways, both of which are utter nonsense. The first claim is that 5G can overwhelm the immune system. The second and more illogical, suggests the use of 5G technology can spread the virus.

And surprisingly a lot of celebrities have been supporting these rumours, actor Woody Harrelson and singer Keri Hilson have both shared content with fans suggesting a link between 5G and COVID-19.

Debunking the Myth:

The virus has spread to countries which do not have 5G at the moment, countries like Iran, India, and Japan have seen people getting affected despite no 5G access in the country.

Secondly, COVID-19 is caused by a transmissible virus that has no relation to EM waves.

Professor Stephen Powis, the medical director of NHS in the United Kingdom, has called the rumours between 5G and the coronavirus “outrageous” and “absolute and utter rubbish.” The government has also labelled the claims as “dangerous nonsense”.


It’s really obvious that a human virus cannot spread through radio signals, but addressing the myth has become critical because properties are now being damaged, and professionals are being attacked. It is important to stop the rumours before more damage is caused.