Is Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Getting A Divorce Due To A Third Person? Did Megan cheat on her husband with Machine Gun Kelly? Read to know all details.

The Megan Fox divorce just got a whole lot messier! While there were strong rumors of Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green almost on the verge of separating, it seems like it has become a love triangle at this point!

Brian Austin Green Clears The Air About His Divorce With Megan Fox After Ten Years Of Marriage.

Apparently, after Brian Austin Green And Megan Fox are splitting up after ten years of marriage, it seems like fans are speculation that Megan might have cheated in Brian with her friend Machine Gun Kelly.

Although amidst all the cheating rumors which were consolidated after Megan was spotted with Gun Kelly on a coffee run, Megan’s ex-husband has cleared the air by stating that no cheating of any kind is involved in the separation.

No Is The The Victim In The Divorce, Says Austin Himself.

Brian further added that fans would not think that the air is any villains in the whole scenario or that Brian himself is a victim, which he isn’t. He further said that this isn’t new for the couple who have decided to get their separated ways after a long married life.

When asked about Machine Gun Kelly’s involvement in the whole divorce, Green refused any cheating rumor saying that Megan has mentioned his name a few times and are friends. Although Austin is pretty sure that there’s no cheating involved as he believes that Megan is a good judge of character.  They both have decided their separate way after rumor of them separating were already doing the rounds. While Megan was also spotted with Machine Gun Kelly, she even made an appearance in Machine Gun Kelly’s Blue Valentine as well.