Is Logan Paul dating Tana Mongeau only to make his brother Jake Paul jealous? Here’s why that might be true!

People all around the globe on social media were in a shock when content maker Logan Paul went out on the town with his ex-sister-in-law Tana Mongeau. Logan and Tana were spotted cuddling and drinking espresso.

After two days, it was explained that everything a setup. It was only a prank made by them on fans and Jake Paul. Tana and Jake went separate ways following a six-month marriage. Jake is Logan’s senior sibling.


In the event that you’ve been even remotely on the internet the previous barely any months, you realize that YouTube’s difficult kids and Shane Dawson School Of Hard Knocks graduate Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul got hitched. They pressed the function in on July 28th after only two months of dating.

Internet superstar Logan Paul posted warm pics of himself with Tana Morgeau on Twitter.

Tana further stoked the fire when she posted a Tik Tok video calling Logan, her beau.

New Romance, be that as it may, reached a sudden conclusion. Following 24 hours, Tana stated, “Logan and I truly attempted, yet I simply don’t believe we’re perfect,” Logan affirmed the equivalent.


Jake Paul on the other hand didn’t take the whole scene well. Jake sent Logan a long text communicating his annoyance. In his text Jake said

“As I recognized it clearly today and I know the look, and it’s the look where it counts in your eyes that the old Logan had, and it resembles ‘I will do anything for content paying little heed to who or what it influences,'”

The text further said that “It triggers like a PTSD in me with a situation that actually really affected me and it just hurts my heart, I guess. “I feel like it’s the old f*cking version of you, which I hate, and I know you hate that old version of you, and I feel like you’re going back there to make content and if that content harms people…you don’t care.”

Logan further went on with his text to apologize for his deeds. Logan also later explained that the entire thing was just a prank. Jake answered, saying that extensive text was his method of exacting revenge on Logan for pulling a trick on him.