Elder Scrolls 6 [MAJOR UPDATE]: release date is out!!! Read to know the release date, cast and latest updates.

One of the most famous gaming series Elder Scrolls is gameplay of free form in an open world. Bethesda Game Studios did an awesome work by publishing the Elder Scrolls. Elder Scrolls became famous since its very first launch in 1994, since that time onwards the young generations is in love with the game. The Elder Scrolls: Blades was launched in 2019, after the previous year the game players asked for the new version of the Elder Scrolls.



Well, you all will be very happy to know that Todd Howard has made an announcement about Elder Scrolls 6. He said that it is in the production stage in the studio. However, not much announcements were made for the upcoming version of the game series. Bethesda has been quiet about the news for now. The game is expected to set for the users in a short time.

However, there’s also a bad news for the fans. The good news being that the game’s upcoming version is confirmed but the bad news is that it’ll take some time for its launch. The users will have to wait for publishing of the game and its release. There are news that currently the software company is paying more attention to the upcoming IP Starfield.


Logo for the game was launched in the 2018 E3 Conference. Announcement about the final release date for the game series will take some more time. However, we hope that the gamers will get the game by the next few years, and the game is expected to work on PS5 and Xbox X consoles.


Presently only a short clip showcasing the logo for the game has been disclosed. The trailer for it will be released anytime soon.