Gwen Stefani Celebrated Her Older Son’s Birthday And Penned Down a Heartfelt Post: mama is really proud of her son!

Gwen Stefani is a proud mother and recently took to social media to celebrate her son’s birthday. The singer wrote a heartfelt birthday post for her firstborn.

Gwen Stefani Celebrated Her Older Son Kingston’s Birthday!

Stefani’s son Kingston James MacGregor celebrates his 14th birthday and proud mother to this opportunity to pen down some beautiful lines expressing her gratitude and thank God for making her James’ mother! Take a look at this heartfelt Insta post that mamma Gwen shared on her account.

Fans soon pointed out the striking facial resemblance the mother-son duo has. The two look quite similar and we know now that Kingston got his good looks from! Stefani and her ex-husband and Gavin welcomed their baby boy Kingston back in 2006. The couple went on to have two other kids as well.

The Whole Family Will Be Doing Some Cooking And Have A Fun-Filled Birthday.

However, the two soon called it quits and the couple filed and finalized their divorce back in 2016. Stefani is in a relationship with singer Blake Shelton, they met ok the sets of The Voice and now it’s all love between them. Take a look at this adorable and hilarious post that Stefano shared with all her fans via her Instagram post. There’s loads of love in the house it seems.

Now all three kids are quarantined together with Stefani and Blake. They have quite a big plan to celebrate the older one’s birthday. A source revealed that there is going to be some cooking and both Stefani and Blake are going to cook me there might be some barbeque as well. So, it seems like food is playing a crucial.part in this birthday party!