Is Darkseid Returning? Let’s Take a Look at the DCEU Plans by Dwayne Johnson

The rivalry between Black Adam and Superman might lead to the ultimate DC villain

Dwayne Johnson debuted Black Adam to the world late last month, and the DCEU is suddenly a very promising franchise. The world that Black Adam built set the ball rolling for what Johnson had planned for the heroes and villains. One thing that fans are anticipatedly waiting for is the incoming clash between Black Adam and Superman, especially when Henry Cavill returned for the role towards the end of the movie. But will it lead to the biggest bad of the DC universe?

Black Adam vs. Superman

Superman, Black Adam | Dwayne Johnson
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Dwayne Johnson established Black Adam as an anti-hero, instead of the pure villain he was in the comics. He is still disobedient and will not ally with anyone unless the people of Kahndaq are in danger. In the end, when Adam was warned by Amanda Waller that Kahndaq is his prison and he will face consequences if he leaves, Adam disagrees. But then comes the Man of Steel, suggesting that they should talk. It is clear that Superman will serve as Adam’s metahuman rival and ideological opponent.

But Dwayne Johnson said that the showdown would take time, as there is plenty of new characters and storylines to establish.

Will Dwayne Johnson Bring back Darkseid?

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The first live-action Darkseid was seen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but he was Uxas at the time before he got his world-breaking powers. While the creatives at WB did not approve of the Snyder Cut, fans agree to the opposite. Darkseid is the face of evil and one of the most powerful beings in existence in the DC universe. While it is unclear if the Snyder Cut is canon at this stage, Dwayne Johnson can rally for the character to return in the face of the decade.