Emma Corrin is Mesmerizing Again in Netflix’s Classic Controversial drama series “Lady Chatterley’s lover” Trailer

Emma Corrin features in new Netflix series

Netflix The crown’s Star Emma Corris has been casted in Netflix’s Lady Chatterley’s lover, Netflix shared a glimpse of the series, the Trailor of the romantic drama series featuring Emma Corris, Jack O’ Connell and Ella Hunt was shared on November 3 Thursday by the streaming platform.

Emma Corrin
Credit: Netflix

The story of Lady Chatterley’s Story is based on D.H. Lawrence novel (lady Chatterley’s Lover 1928), and the novel is Lawrence’s one of the best-selling novels, eventually in 1928 the book became controversial and notorious because the people didn’t like the concept of love relation between a high-class woman and a working-class man.

Emma Corrin

Netflix’s The Crown star Emma Corrin, who portrayed the character of Diana, Princess of Whales in season 2, she is one of the best actresses to play princess Diana’s role.

Emma Corrine
Credit: Netflix

“The moment I walked into a room, and I was meeting her for the first time, Emma corrin was reading the scenes and I was like I don’t know who she is, but this girl is literally princess Diana,” said Josh O’Connor.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Directed by Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre and based on D.H Lawrence’s best-selling novel Lady Chatterley’s lover is an upcoming romantic drama series by Netflix. On 3 November, Thursday the streaming service released the Trailor of series featuring The Crown’s Emma Corris and Unbroken’s (2014) Jack O Connell.

Lady chatterly's lover
Credit: Netflix

The Trailor shows a women named Connie (Emma Corris), who was born in a rich family, and married to Sir Clifford (Matthew Duckett), Connie finds that she no longer loves her husband, and then she meets Oliver an estate gatekeeper (jack o Connell), with whom she falls in love.

At a certain point Connie have to choose between her heart or mind, either she has to return to her husband or live a happy life with Oliver.

Watch the Trailor of Netflix’s upcoming drama series Lady Chatterley’s lover