Iron Man has a heart! A Full Review of The Superhero and his armor.

Tony Stark, more lovingly known as Iron Man, is sometimes called the Father of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and here is the full review of his character:

Creators Stan Lee, Larry Liber, and Jack Kirby introduced Iron Man in the March 1963 issue #39, known as the book of surprises.

The Origins of Iron Man:

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Tony Stark is taken by extremists in Afghanistan. While he was captured, he makes his armor with the help of Yinsen, a physicist. In an effort to save him, Yinsen sacrifices himself for Stark, who kills the terrorists and escapes barely. He meets Colonel James Rhodes (War Machine), and they escape back to America together. In America, he finishes the armor technology and decides that he will use his technology to save people.

Tony has an artificial nervous system, which is modified in a way that gives him greater curing powers, great awareness, and the capability to combine with his outfit of armor at any time.

What are Iron Man’s powers?

Tony Stark doesn’t have any powers, except that he is super smart and good with tech. But with his armored suit, he has a plethora of abilities like superhuman strength, the ability to fly, a host of weapons, the main being the rays that he shoots from his palms.

Who are Iron Man’s Enemies?

The Iron Man has a host of enemies that vary in the movies and in comics, but here are the main foes:-

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  1. Mandarin – Mandarin from China, is Iron Man’s nemesis. He has phenomenal abilities in the martial arts as also the ten rings of power that grant him powers such as Ice discharge, flame explosion, electro detonation, and substance rearranger.
  2. Crimson Dynamo – They are a group of Russian agents who wear suits just like Iron Man, and try to take him down to get hold of his technology.
  3. Iron Monger – Obadiah Stane is the Iron Monger. He also wears an armor just like Iron Man.

Fun Facts about Iron Man

  • His full name is Anthony Edward Stark
  • Tony Stark was built on millionaire businessperson Howard Hughes.
  • There are special suits for activities like deep-sea diving and space travel.
  • Tony was an adopted child of Howard and Maria Stark, Arno, their real child, is still alive and hiding.
  • Iron Lantern, a collaboration between DC and Marvel, actually exists.
  • Tom Cruise was set to play Iron Man before RDJ.