How Exciting!! Three PlayStation-exclusive games are coming to Xbox, this winter!!

This week, Annapurna Interactive held its own presentation to give gamers a peek at the publisher’s lineup of upcoming titles. There were announcements about new platforms, shadow drops, and game reveals.

Owners of Xbox consoles will be happy to learn that three titles that were previously PlayStation exclusives will be coming to the platform later this year. All three Xbox games, The Pathless, Maquette, and Solar Ash, will debut this winter.

The Pathless is a mythical journey from ABZU’s developer Giant Squid. You take on the role of the Hunter, a skilled archer who visits a mythical island in order to reverse a horrible curse. The Pathless’ emphasis on speed and movement through the lovely landscape, though, might be what distinguishes it from other video games. In the puzzle platformer The Pathless, you link your shoots together to gain speed and dash through the vast open environment, which offers some of the best traversal mechanisms I’ve ever seen in a game.

This winter, Xbox will also receive Maquette, a Game Pass title. As you manipulate object size in a recursive environment, this game will test your creativity and force you to think outside the box. As you go along, you’ll discover the tale of two individuals who have a beautiful connection – “an adventure of love, grief, and acceptance.”

Solar Ash is the third game that will be available this winter on Xbox from PlayStation. Additionally, this will be a part of Xbox Game Pass. The story of Rei, a Voidrunner who is attempting to ignite the Starseed in order to save her planet from the Ultravoid, a massive black hole, is told in Solar Ashe, another traversal-based game.

The release of Solar Ash on Steam is scheduled for December 6, 2022. This winter, Nintendo Switch is also expected to receive The Pathless and Maquette.