In a Major Change, Janelle Monae has Replaced Julia Roberts in the Homecoming Season 2!

The show’s second season will start premiering on Amazon Prime from May 22

We got to see the first teaser of Homecoming Season 2 recently . The first season, which started Julia Roberts in the lead role was well appreciated and critics and fans loved the psychological thriller. Season two will be featuring Janelle Monae as the protagonist

Cast and Plot

The teaser opens with Monae’s character waking up on a rowboat in the middle of a lake and shouting for help. She has no recollection of herself or her life so far. She goes searching for her identity and it takes her to the Geist Group, the wellness company which runs the Homecoming initiative.

We will be seeing actor Stephen James reprising his role as Walter Cruz in season two. His character will be seen trying to leave the past behind and starting a new life, but he gets to hear that a more harmful version of the Homecoming initiative is surfacing and gets back to work. We will also be seeing Hong Chau returning as Audrey Temple. New cast members will include Chris Cooper and Joan Cusack. Cooper will be playing the role of Leonard Geist, who is the founder of Homecoming and Cusack will be playing Francine Bunda.


Julia Roberts won’t be returning, but she will still be supporting the show by being the executive producer. In season one, we got to see Roberts’ character Heidi Bergman, who works at Homecoming Transitional Support Center, a special center which helps soldiers who had gone through traumatic experiences while fighting wars return to their normal lives. Later, she leaves the facility and works as a waitress. But she realises that the facility has some ulterior motive when she gets interviewed by the U.S. Department of Defence.

She find out later that the facility uses a specific drug to erase the memories of the soldiers instead of treating their PTSD.