Snoop Dogg isn’t the One to Take Comments Against his Wife – The Rapper Responded to Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Unwarranted Comment on his Post. Read Further to Know the Rivalry Details

Snoop Dogg, aged 48 is an American rapper, most known for his songs like the death row, ego trippin’, reincarnated, bush, etc. the rapper is known for having a good career at singing, with a few personal instances of breakups or ups and downs in his relationships. The rapper is married to Shante Taylor, his childhood friend with who he has had a healthy relation ever since they knew each other.

The couple is married for over 22 years now and has built a great understanding with each other. The two have had a past where they were individually dating someone else, instead of each other and that was the only exception to their togetherness since they have truly loved each other ever since they were in school.

 What was the recent instance that caused controversy between the couple?

The recent piece of news that broke out was in regard to a post made by the rapper with the caption that described how ardently he loved his wife and would always choose to be with her despite all the hurdles. The problem was not with the caption or the picture, but rather the comment that was passed by a fellow rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine, who chose to link his present with the past when he was in a relationship with someone else, other than Shante.

The rapper got outrageous with that comment made and decide to take it personally and marked the starting of tensions between them both. What upset Snoop the most was, that him dating another girl whom he didn’t marry was his past and his wife at present is what he has now and that is all that matters and not the past.


What was the comment made?

Tekashi 6ix9ine made a comment on the post that he made that, wasn’t she the same girl who you cheated on for elinaapowellxo and added that she deserved better than Snoop which outraged the two.