Hollywood’s Popular George Clooney and Amal Clooney Heading for a Divorce? And the Price for Separation is Whooping $500 Million

Marriage is a relation that has something more than love and affection with each other in the partners. The relation is so strong that one is not only bound to stay with each other but also live up to the mark of responsibilities that they share towards each other.

The worst part that can happen to any happy couple is the introduction of any third person in the beautiful relation of togetherness. When a couple ties knots, they promise to each other and the almighty that they will take care of their spouse and that is what they consider to be their ultimate aim in a relation, so string as marriage.


When celebrities get married, the world watches and catches on the news related to their relation and admires them. what an individual with so much social capital does, becomes the pedestal that their fans think they have to abide by.

George Clooney and Amal Clooney’s Marriage is Falling Apart

The worst-case scenario, as described above has come true for the couple, the couple that would set high standards for their fans regarding how a married couple must be. What happened between the two is unfortunate and untimely. The two tied knots and were together for a long time, things were going better than they could have predicted until Julia Roberts happened to be the reason for fights between the two.



News that circulated said that George was involved in extramarital relations with Julia and as any other wife would react, Amal too didn’t find that a good or any pleasant exposure of information. The two started getting closer, despite Amal being the wife of George at the same of their affair. Now the celebrities have refused to bring anything to the public’s notice until Amal took the decision to file a divorce on the above grounds and make it fair to her to leave her husband and in turn, has demanded $500 million from George.