Titanic: The Classic’s Recent Screening on CBS made People to correlate Sinking of the Ship to America’s Health and Economy’s Current Sinking State

Titanic, the movie that changed the outlook in people with the way they looked at love after the release of the movie. The movie has taken a special place in the hearts of people and continues to remain within their hearts despite so many years after its release. The movie is known for the sacrifice that was made by one lover for the other and was inevitable to keep the storyline going. The movie can be watched endlessly by people worldwide due to its amazing storyline. That’s what happened this time.

So many years after its release, the movie ‘Titanic’ got featured on CBS. The way viewers watched the movie this time was different from how they watched it ever before. Now, the movie has an outlook as per the circumstances. 


Why is the movie recently in the news?

As per the circumstance, the world is not only suffering a health emergency but also an economic emergency and needs to be healed soon. After the screening of the movie once again, the movie has been able to get wide acceptance and has invited discussions regarding the same, however, this time it’s something different, more than appreciating the movie, fans have talked about the comparison the movie has with the ongoing situation in the USA. Users have brought to trend, the hashtag #titanic.


They have left no opportunity to criticize their government as is the feature of the democratic or liberal world. Some people took to twitter and have taken the opportunity to speak negatively about the president of the USA, Trump. While that was happening, the comparison between titanic sinking has been equated with the condition of the USA as per those who tweeted the same. While that was gaining recognition, there is another group of people who came out in defense of the respectable president.