Hanna Brown Continues to Embroil in Controversies and Display her Racist Attitude

People have long fought the struggles of getting the rights that they desired to get in society, especially the minority. There have been several struggles in the past regarding demand ranging from a broad spectrum of needs, be it the economic hardships or social status that had long died for them in the society due to oppressive regimes against them ever since time immemorial.

Even if the above-mentioned problems don’t prevail in a country, there are certain grounds on which an individual has no personal control over and yet is discriminated against due to the past where they were struggling on the grounds of race, religion, language spoken, etc.


Celebrities are known for having a large number of followers, they are followed and idealized by their fans who do and adapt to the methods in which they walk, talk, think, etc. there have been several instances where singers have violated or exploited this respect, fame and social reach that they have dwelled ever since they started their career in the field of arts.

Hanna Brown, a famous singer is known for some of her famous superhits. Despite having the right career, professionally, she has had a controversial past with the choice of words and thoughts that she has made over time. Her parents are inter-race and belong to different places of origin, and hence different racial appearances. As per her, she doesn’t like what race she has inherited from her mother and describes that as a discouragement to her, for which she is seen making racist comments and hurting the sentiments of people from a particular race.


She recently had a phone call with 4-5 men where she was heard speaking in hatred regarding people with a dark complexion and cornering out them for the work that she thinks they must do. The same has been seen with her song that she made a couple of years back that dealt with the racial discrimination that the cops were adopting at that time. What is more shocking is her unapologetic nature about what she sang or said.