Gwen Stefani and 14 year old son Kingston share a lot more than their relation. Check out the post.

The first child usually resembles the mother, this is what many of us think is true. The bond that a mother shares with her children is immense and beyond words. From celebrities to lay, men, everyone has a special bond with their kids. It feels great to see one’s kids grow in front of their eyes. Mothers are lucky to experience that feeling.

They know how much dedication it takes to nurture one’s kids and not only that but to even raise them as a good individual. When an individual goes through that feeling, they wish to record it in a picture or a video for future visiting and recalling the moments of happiness.

Even though working ladies can’t spend as much time with their kids as others can, the love that they have for their children is unparalleled. 

Celebrities show their love towards their kids, who are we now referring to?

One among the many proud mothers of various individuals, Gwen Stefani had shared her son’s picture from the day when he had turned 14. The look-alike child had his mother writing in the caption how happy she was on seeing her son grow up as an individual like that.

Along with her, her fans too believed that her son resembled her. The photo spoke tons of words. Her son Kingston shares a common trait with his mother regarding his fashion sense as that is where the two synch along with many other traits. Their bond can not be expressed in plain words of photos, as that is the love of expressions and is not met with any other exchange, but the exchange of love. Go check the photo if you haven’t till now and see for yourself the resemblance that the two share.