Here is the relationship timeline of Sofia Richie and Scott Disick and how it went from a fairtytale beginning to a tragic split.

Love is a feeling that makes everyone refreshed of their life troubles. The relation is met with promises and emotions that are unparalleled to anything in the world. It feels good to be in a relationship with someone you admire. However, some people fail to realize the true meaning of the feeling. Not always is it due to a lack of interactions or feelings between the partners, but many times due to external factors as well. It could be some event that an individual is attached to that made them feel bad in life and took their peace of mind away.

A love story that we’ll be discussing here will be of a celebrity couple, Scott Disick and Sofia Riche. The two dated for some time until things turned uncontrollable. Many times the reasons for a split can be outside of the relationship that the two individuals share. 

What was the story of the two?

The couple was spotted together at various spots with their families. From Italy to Milan, the two have left no stones unturned to hang out and know each other more. The story sounds romantic until some moments of doubt come into the picture.

Scott Disick was seen spending his vacation with Sofia and her family, the two sharing a romantic relationship in the time that they had spent together. However, years into their dating, Scott was seen with his ex-girlfriends at a beach where they clicked photos of them being cozy together.

That was enough for a gaslighted event in their relationship. However, the two individuals were matured enough to take the next moment to hang out together and show the world that everything was going fine.

After Scott lost his parents, he was shifted to rehab for reasons not concerning drug abuse. A tough time for him, he had to break up with Sofia. His birthday bash witnessed all his acquaintances, including his ex-girlfriend, however, Sofia did not even wish him on his special day.