Kailyn Lowry has a fitting reply for her haters in the form of a Tiktok video- Mind your business!

Every individual must know the limits that they should not exceed. Celebrities who appear on social media need to be made aware of the challenges that they can face from the public and media. Online harassment and bullying are not unknown to anyone and have to be dealt with carefully.


Despite knowing the mental hazards that an individual can face the bullying that happens to them or is caused by them, there are moments when the victim gets victimized after having crossed the line. The culprits need to be traced and stopped as soon as they are spotted. This can otherwise cause more damage than calculated.


What was the recent event that made the headlines?

As cybercrime increases over time, it gets tougher to escape out of it and recover from it. Kailyn Lowry is a TikTok star who has a huge fan following on the social media platform, her viewers failed to understand that she had a personal life outside of the professional domain of work. This made them pass personal comments on her having children with her ex-husbands and boyfriends.


She has been dealing with such comments in the past, however, decided to speak up now considering how the water was exceeding the limits and that what was happening was not bearable. She made it clear in her short video that her life choices must not concern anyone but her. If she and her family agree with the happenings, the public need not comment on it.


Her fans who were trolling her over the same had an answer from her which would have made them understand that their acts hurt her for which she decided to speak up on the topic and asked them not to indulge in any more such activities.