Katherine Schwarzenegger flaunts her adorable growing baby bump is feisty workout gear! Check it out.

Katherine Schwarzenegger was seen enjoying a sunny day while having a walk with her family on 24th May in California. The 30 year old beautiful Maverick and Me author, was spotted along with her mom, Maria Shriver, 64, her brother, Patric Schwarzenegger, 26, and her brother’s girlfriend, Abby Champion.


Katherine’s baby bump was the noticeable thing at the walk. She was wearing a comfortable workout gear that included a white t-shirt and black yoga pants paired up with a baseball cap. She was also wearing sunglasses, and a protective face mask at that time.

According to the reports, Katherine and her husband Chris Pratt were supposed to have their first child in April 2020. The couple has been spotted enjoying together several times. On their most recent appearance, Katherine wore loose clothes. It seemed that she was trying to hide her baby bump. What ever the case may be, both of them seemed to enjoy each others company.


Katherine is mostly seen wearing loose fitting clothes. It seems that she is making some changes in her wardrobe by including such outfits. She was also seen enjoying bike ride with her husband on 25th April. During that time she was wearing a white t-shirt which had a print of two hearts overlapping each other. And the t-shirt was clinging to her grown belly.


The fans are really happy for the couple. They also had their first marriage anniversary celebration in the month of June this year. However, it is Chris’s second marriage. He had a divorce with his first wife, Anna Foris. She was forty three year old. They also have a son Jack who is seven year old. Fans are eagerly waiting to see Katherine’s baby.