Her honest brutality has continued in her songs!! Christine and the Queens has decided to stop apologizing!

Heloise Letissier is professionally known as Christine and the Queens. She is a French singer and producer. She is putting up pop shows at festivals around Europe. Letissier is famous for her extended play. Her first play was Misericorde in 2011, followed by Mac Abbey in 2012. She has released many albums and music videos. Her latest music video is “Gone.” In 2014 Letissier identified herself as pansexual.

Letissier Stage Shows:

She is too good on the stage, her expressions, are divine at the same time her show generates a lot of heat and passion. Letissier says she wants to work her shows like painting and with fireworks, it seems like painting by an explosion. She shows unapologetic and liberal nature on stage while being comfortable in her skin.

Christine and the Queens also announced in June that this stage is a free space without judgment because, if, there’s no judgment anything can happen. Before any show, Letissier likes to listen to music and concentrate on the show.

Letissier songs and albums:

The lyrics of her songs are brutally honest as she claims them to be. According to her, it’s just natural when she writes a song. She starts with the production building a beat, an aesthetic. Letissier doesn’t do the demo with piano chords and melody, so it’s a complete song and she, just needs to finish the production.
She tried producing with other people at some point because of self-consciousness but, it didn’t work. So she decided to “stop apologizing for that.”