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The drunkard skateboarder: Alcohol addict Bam Margera kicked off a plane for being too drunk to fly.

Bam Margera, 39, is a professional skateboarder, stunt performer, filmmaker, musician and as well as a television personality. The leading cast member of MTV’s Jackass has recently kicked off a plane on Saturday morning at the Atlanta airport. He was too drunk that he did not even care he was at the airport and behaved at his worst with an employee at the airport. To his luck, Bam did not get arrested even when he admonished the employee.

Bam Margera.

Not only this, the drunkard even posted a video on his social media handle calling the southwest worker an idiot and a moron. He also said that the company must fire the employee. The conversation between the drunkard and the employee turned into a quarrel when Bam did not accept that he was drunk more than the permitted level of extent.

Bam Margera had 50 tequilas and 500 beer bottles.

Bam told the officer that he had 50 tequilas and was 500 beer bottles down and later called him an idiot for believing it. He kept on insisting the officer that he had only one drink, which was a transparent lie.

The airport official was handling Bam, the addict.

It is still unclear if the authorities took him into custody for his idiotic behavior. According to CCTV footage at the airport, the officer offered to send him to a hotel of his choice. Bam then posted a video on the plane claiming that he was on his way to Austin, Texas. He said that he was going to meet his therapist when he landed to discuss the event.

Spares no one from his attitude.

Bam is attacking his close ones since Friday. His fellow skateboarder Brandon Novak, his wife, Nikki, and his mother, April is agitated with his this behavior. Margera recently posted a series of text messages between himself and Novak detailing the issues between them.

Too drunk to handle his Mercedes.

Bam is an addict and went to rehab as well. However, there is no change seen his behavior, and the drunkard does not have manners at all. He does not behave properly with his family, friends, and now even with strangers. Still, everyone prays for his wellbeing and wish that he changes with time to lead a good life.