HBO Speak Out On Toxic Production Complain On the Set of Euphoria

HBO defends itself against toxic work environment on Euphoria set 

After a formal complaint raised on Euphoria set, HBO defends itself by releasing a public statement before the release of the hit drama series.

The production house issued a statement on 4 March. Which says that the well-being of its crew and cast is their first priority. They would never do anything that would hurt them. The production house follows all the guidelines and protocols to ensure the safety of its cast and crew members.

It further continues to defend itself by further addressing the Netflix drama series by saying that sometimes shoots can be complicated. And just because we have to strictly follow the COVID protocols which adds another complication to the situation. But the production house maintains open communication with everyone. And no such formal complaint ever made before, nor it ever develops in future.

Eddy Chen/HBO

What’s the issue

The production house felt the need to issue the statement after the media last month published a report. It says a formal complaint raised to SAG-AFTRA. Stating that the production house didn’t provide meals to the crew on time. And neither let them use the bathroom on the Euphoria set.

In the same report, another story published which says the show creator Sam Levinson and Barbie Ferreira developed conflict between them and walked out of the set.

Schafer and Zendaya appear in ‘Euphoria.’ (Eddy Chen/HBO via AP)

Ferreira later put an end to the rumors, saying that Kat’s character looked different to the audience and as she was living with an existential crisis and everyone around her went crazy. So he was playing the theme and no such serious issue was ever raised on the sets.

You can catch Euphoria’s second season on HBO.