Will Smith Back With Michael B Jordan In “I Am Legend” Sequel

Will Smith All Set To Return With “I Am Legend” Sequel

The 2007 movie of Will Smith was a massive hit at the box office when it grossed around $585 million. However, it wasn’t possible after that to have a sequel of it announced soon. Luckily, all who loved the movie with Smith in it, there’s an announcement of him coming back. Hopefully, the movie is happening now and here we have details on the same.

“I Am Legend” Coming sequel to have Michael B. Jordan Too

Michael B Jordan

Certainly, it was Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan who made the 2017 movie a big hit at the box office. Beside this, as Men In Black actor gets confirmed for the upcoming sequel. There’s Michael B. Jordan to make a come back as well. Hopefully, it would be exciting for all the Smith and Jordan fans to see how the pair recreates the original spark in the sequel.

Interestingly, both Smith and Jordan won’t just be ahead the camera but would be sharing as a producer to the sequel of the 2007 movie. Not to miss, Smith’s character in the previous movie died. Thus it would be interesting to see how Smith’s character will reprise his role.

Akiva Goldsman to work with Will Smith back again

Will Smith

While Smith himself shared his comeback in the sequel of his successful movie. It’s Akiva Goldsman who would be coming back again for the sequel to pen down the script. The sequel would be however happening under the Warner Bros.

Also, Jordan, Smith and Goldsman would be co-producing the sequel and as such there would be fair chance to have the same team in action again. Not to miss who is directing the upcoming sequel is yet not known. Meanwhile, we wait both for the name of the director and cast announcement too. As the production moves ahead we are to get glimpse of the upcoming movie installment as well.