Harvey Weinstein Trapped!! $25 million settlement money might not be helpful!! Emily showed the anger..

Harvey Weinstein arranged a $25 million settlement, still faces criminal charges, Emily Ratajkowski’s tweeted on the topic. Harvey who is under arrest for many cases such as rape, sexual assault, and abuse, etc. Harvey is trying to settle the case with a $25 million but he is still under charges.

Emily who was really mad with Harvey and his behavior, even posted about him on Twitter.

When last seen, Emily was seen with her husband. But during that time on Emily’s hand has a written mark on her forearm as f*ck off Harvey. Emily is so mad at him and his behavior with women and all.

Even though Harvey declines the allegations given upon him. But even if he says and declines it, it would not change anything. Everything is still the same because more than 70 women gave complaints upon Harvey.

Emily was seen supporting her husband and during that time she poses to all the pictures while showing her forearm where it is written against him. Hopefully, he gets all the punishments he deserves and all women should get justice also. Just because Harvey is a famous person and has lots and lots of money does not mean he can settle the case and go on with his life. There are lots of women who suffered and who were raped and they should all get correct justification which they deserve accordingly.

Hopefully with the case and everything the court would make the right decision to give good and correct punishment to Harvey so that he would not repeat this type of mistake ever again. Money cannot solve and end any problems. Also with money, not everyone can escape all the problems in life because if given a chance like this now, then these people would repeat again and give money and settle. This should be stopped and correct justification should be given.