Harry Styles Vogue Cover Photoshoot Faces Major Backlash From Candace Owens!

Fans were totally in awe when they saw the latest cover photoshoot of Vogue magazine featuring singing sensation Harry Styles in a Gucci dress. While everyone appreciated this new style that the singer pulled off with a much style, some people were not impressed!

Harry Styles Faces Backlash From Candace Owens!

It seems like conservative commentator Candace Owens is not impressed with the latest photoshoot and decided to tweet against it saying that there is no way that a society can survive without strong men. Here’s the Twitter post that is making headline for the bold statements made by Owens.

Owens went on to say to this is no coincidence that the West is facing steady feminization of men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to the children. The whole thing is defined as an outright attack. She concluded by asking to bring back manly men! One of Harry Styles’ co-star soon decided to step in his support and tweeted. This is what she replied in response of the tweet. 

Co-Star Olivia Wilde Jumps In Harry Styles’ Support.

Olivia Wilde, who is all set to star alongside Harry Styles in the upcoming movie titled Don’t Worry Darling tweeted saying, You’re pathetic in response to Candace’s tweet. Some fans also jumped in the singer’s support and totally condemned what Candace said. However, Candace took to Twitter and justified her statement even further by making another post that shows more men in dresses and what Candace Owens thinks about the whole thing.

Harry Styles not only managed to create sensation all through social media with his photoshoot but also created history by being the first male to have a solo cover on Vogue.