Donald Trump Warns No Lockdown Amidst Elections Defeat even as USA is Battling with Second Wave of CVOID-19

While the election week has finally come to an end in America with Joe Biden emerging victorious and all set to be the next president, another controversy has come to the forefront.

Donald Trump Gave Some Updates On The Ongoing Health Crisis

Donald Trump has recently come to the forefront since the election result and refuses to have another lockdown. People are assuming that the country might be facing another lockdown as the second wave of Covid cases are resurfacing with the number of cases increasing.

Trump has recently issued a statement saying the administration is not going down for another lockdown. The president further added that whatever in the future, only time will tell but as far as this administration is concerned, it is not going for a lockdown.

The President Is Not Going Down For Another Lockdown.

He gave an update on the ongoing health crisis and a possible lockdown right from Rose Garden at the White House, along with an update on vaccine efforts. Donald Trump said that once a COVID vaccine is available, as soon as April, he will going to withhold it from the state of New York. So,we need to keep a lookout on what’s next.

Moreover, with Joe Biden’s victory in the tumultuous elections week, he organized an expert team to discuss the ongoing health crisis and the pandemic terror that seems to be increasing at an alarming rate. It seems like both the political figures are looking into the pandemic and tallying the pros and cons on a vastly different way. However, the number of cases that are increasing is surely posing a big threat to the welfare of the people around.