Harry Styles Visited Italy And Fans Were Shocked With The Big Transformation! Check it out.

It seems like One Direction member Harry Styles visited Italy a month ago and fans noticed something different about the singer! The Watermelon Sugar singer is rocking a new look altogether and that’s what fans need to see right now!


Harry Styles Went To Italy And Fans Noticed Something Different About His Face! Have a Look.

Apparently, the singer who visited Italy this month seems to be looking different and fans were quick enough to notice the new mustache on his face! The picture is the singer hiding a bottle of what seems to be balsamic vinegar, is sen wearing a straight-legged jeans, a green and white striped t-shirt, yellow-tinted sunglasses alon with a brand new mustache! Take a look at the image that is creating quite a buzz among fans on social media!


Even chef Massimo Bottura also shared another picture of the singer revealing that he made a pit stop at his restaurant, Osteria Francescana. It seems like the singer was fully prepared for the tour beforehand as he did reveal in a BBC radio interview earlier about him learning Italian during the quarantine.

The Watermelon Sugar Singer Learned Italian During The Quarantine Period As Well!

It seems like the singer keeping a mustache was long overdue as the One Direction heartthrob did confess back in 2011 of wanting to have a mustache. The singer must have been in an experimental mood during this quarantine from learning a new language to rocking a mustache!


The singer had some extra time at hand ,considering he had to cancel his 2020 tour due to the whole global pandemic attack . Several other singers had to go through the same trouble due to the current situation.