Rapper Kanye West Made Some Severe Claims About Anna Wintour And Shia LaBeouf Regarding His GAP Campaign! Check it out.

It seems like Rapper Kanye West just cannot do without controversies! Apparently, Kanye West made headlines due to some controversial tweets and these tweets have included some celebrities, one being Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour!


Kanye West Made Some Controversial Tweets And These Includes Other Celebs! Have a Look.

The rapper had claimed that Anna Wintour has disagreed with him regarding his deal with clothing giant brand GAP. He went on to say that Anna Wintour after knowing about his ten year deal with GAP looked at him in a way as if he is crazy! Then he made another comment about kissing ass!

The whole blame game went on and even actor Shia LeBouef’s name came up as the rapper claimed that he was supposed to do the first YZY GAP shoot, however, the actor never showed up! These tweets were later deleted by the rapper himself.

The Tweets Were Later Deleted By Kanye West!

With an array of such controversial tweets and now that the rapper is calling put other celebs as well, many are pointing out that Kanye West might be having a public meltdown and might be fighting with some severe mental crisis at this point. Even Author Fredric Joseph has tweeted saying that Kanye West needs help! However, singing sensation Halsey soon came to Kanye’s defence with an array of tweets.

Kanye West his all prepped up with his political campaigns and his new album coming up soon, fans are however, making speculation about his deteriorating mental health. Kanye West himself has confessed about Kim Kardashian also convincing him to seek help. With these new deleted tweets in the limelight, the rapper sure is making news !