Amidst Deteriorating Mental Health Allegations, Kanye West Announces New Music Album And Halsey is here to support him.

It seems like, amidst all the ongoing twitter drama that rapper turned politician Kanye West is stuck in, the celebrity rapper recently made a big revelation about his career announcing a brand new music album Focus On the Music.

Kanye West Makes Some Big Revelation About His Upcoming Music Album And More! Have a Look.

While fans really seem to be worrying about the rapper ’s mental health considering his latest tweets and the other ongoing speculation of Kanye West mental health going through a where crisis at this point. He made an array of Twitter posts announcing that latest album Donda releasing this Friday. Take a look at the Twitter post made by the rapper about his new music album.

Along with making this announcement, he also posted that he is going to focus on his music now. There are some strong rumors doing the rounds after Kanye West made some really cringe tweets and mentioned celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Shia Lebeouf!

Singer Halsey Soon Comes To Rapper’s Defense About Mental Issues!

People are speculating that the rapper might is having severe mental health issues. However, singer Halsey soon came to Kanye’s support and defended him by making several tweets explaining how it is not easy for someone with bipolar. Have a look at this Twitter post that is given below. She made several Twitter posts.

Halsey went to say that if someone is unable to offer their understanding or sympathy, at least offer silence. She backlashed people who troll others who have bipolar issues. She seem to have taken a strong stance on the whole trolling people with mental issues, and defended rapper Kanye West as well.