Hannah is more than just desperate after getting dumped by Peter in “Bachelorette”???

ABCs “Bachelorette” is a show fans just love to crave and it seems that Season 24 is something fans are dying for as Peter Weber and other contestants were pretty awesome in the show.
Hannah is more than just desperate after getting dumped by Peter in "Bachelorette"??? 3
And Peter Weber, the main lead who was something of special happens to take full advantage of the contestants. Hannah Brown who was one of the top-ranked candidates to be his next partner but then again. The dream remained a dream only.

And now, It looks like the star is not going to stop her search for true love as she recently joined the A-List dating app “Raya”. According to Hannah, her profile is still on the waiting list of the dating site.

Brown, who is also a winner of “Dancing with the stars” is somehow being downsized due to her relations with Peter Weber as the star claimed that they fooled around in bed many times which is the reason, why she is unable to get anyone for a date.

But, thanks to Christian Mingle who after reading the Instagram story of Hannah Brown gave her the membership of being a full candidate and took her out of the waiting lists of the app.

It’s pretty weird by seeing Hannah Brown suddenly quoting something so religious just because she was unable to get a guy for himself and rather than taking a break she jumped right back into the game. Is she feeling needy or something?

Because if that so then there is no chance but to wait for the right guy for months, Hannah. So, as fans, we should do what we do best as wait or pray for Hannah that she will be able to find the right guy.