Selena Gomez’s Hearty and Encouraging Speech for all the Immigrant Students During this Tough Time. The Singer has Once Again Won Over People with her Sensitivity and Sensibility

On May 23, 2020, Selena Gomez, the singer turned star was invited as the speaker during the #Immigrad 2020, a virtual Commencement, hosted by Define American, FWD us, Golden Door Scholars, I am Immigrant and United We Dream meant for the students who would be graduating this year from high school and colleges and belonged to the immigrant families in the country. the star decided to share her personal story related to the event when she was graduating and was an immigrant herself. She described that moment as a very proud, yet emotional moment for her family for what she had achieved.

She thanked her family for the sacrifice of their emotions that they made to get her the best education that she deserved. Being a Mexican, she moved into the USA to get her education which she described as a good decision taken by her and still remembers the day she was emotional at getting her degree after the much-needed hard work that she had put into place. 

What was so special about the address?

Celebrities are fantasized by all, especially the youth. Being congratulated over their graduation by a celebrity like Selena Gomez who too could relate to their feelings and desire to graduate, as an immigrant, and having concluded the journey safely was something that was of much importance to her.


Although a virtual ceremony, the star made the graduating students realize that the ultimate aim is to achieve what they wanted and not the acknowledgment that they would be getting afterward. She recalled the moment when she was a part of the Wizards of Waverly Place at the age of 14 or 15 and how her mother was proud of that achievement of Selena. Her words of encouragement reached stronger to the students as they had imagined it to be.