Halle Berry Pulls Herself From An Upcoming Film As A Transgender After Facing Major Backlash !!

It seems like actress Halle Berry has eventually pulled herself out of a role as a transgender woman in an upcoming film. While the actress announced a couple of days back about preparing for a trans character who is eventually transitioned into a man.


Halle Berry Pulls Herself Out Of A Film After Major Backlash From The LGBTQ Community.

However, soon after she made the announcement via an Instagram live session, the actress faced some major backlash from fans and even from the Transgender community.


After the backlashing, the actress issued an apology on Twitter, explaining down how she feels that story should be told by the transgender community themselves. She pulled out from the film saying that as a cisgender woman she would not have considered doing the role, and the transgender community should undeniably have the chance to narrate their own stories. Take a look at the Twitter post made by the Catwoman star that cleared the air.

Several LGBT Community Thanked The Actress For Listening And Learning!

Apart from fans, Berry also got attention from the Netflix documentary “Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen. The account asked the actress to have a look at how cisgender like herself had to face some major cultural consequences offscreen. Take a look at the Twitter post that opened up about the consequences that the actress might face.

However, after Halle Berry’s decision to exiting from the film came forward, the account thanked her for listening and learning the severity of the situation. Moreover, even the LGBTQ rights organization GLAAD also thanked the actress for listening to the issues of the community. Even Scarlett Johansson faced backlash from fans for a potential role as a transgender.