Wes Ramsey from General Hospital offers his full support to Girlfriend Laura Wright in a competition held on 4th July!

To commend the Fourth of July throughout the end of the week, General Hospital’s Laura Wright (Carly) went through it with her co-star and off-screen beau Wes Ramsey (Peter). She experienced what this implied when she partook in the Ramsey first Annual July fourth Games, including a water swell throw, a ring throw, hula circles, and a watermelon eating challenge.


In the wake of the difficulties she confronted, Wright posted a progression of photographs of the fun loving occasions, including her endeavor to eat down a watermelon cut in record time while Ramsey rooted for her. This was obviously an excessive amount of energy in light of the fact that in the subsequent picture, she attempted to drive him away. “Watermelon eating challenge yes he was giving a shout out to me.


Truly I needed to execute him haaaa,” she inscribed the photographs. A portion of her co-stars from Port Charles ringed in, with Steve Burton (Jason) stating “This is genuine lol” and Maurice Benard (Sonny) including, “I love the Way Wes is utilizing his muscles and acting like he’s definitely not.”

In a subsequent post with much more photos of the day’s occasions and a count of the victors, Wright stated, “Yesterday was an incredible day !! #grateful #ramsey #missedljandlala.”


Wright and Ramsey have been a couple for quite a long while. In a meeting, Wes ramsey conversed with Soaps.som about their relationship on the set. In spite of the fact that their characters once in a while collaborate, he stated, “It’s not abnormal by any stretch of the imagination. I believe it’s awesome when the scholars do give the fans a break in a manner of speaking, and they do get an opportunity experience.”