Paulina Porizkova is in the process of accepting her aging and posts a picture to embrace it.

Despite being an iconic model of all time, Paulina Porizkova can also feel insecure now and again.

She is known as one of the world’s most age-opposing beauties.

On Monday, Porizkova, 55, opened up on Instagram about how unhappy is she with the manner in which she looks as she ages and how she’s attempting to get over those sentiments.

While trying to help her own certainty, the model shared a new confronted, makeup-free selfie taken after a tranquil night.

The legendary supermodel, 55, is known for her glitz photographs, yet she additionally prefers to get genuine with her fans. In a photograph presented on the social media stage on Monday, Paulina was close up with an uncovered face and her somewhat turning gray hair in full view. The stunning mother-of-two wore a yellow hoodie as she shared her initial morning look with her all followers on social media.

And keeping in mind that the 55-year-old got only acclaim and love, she admitted she experiences ‘body dysmorphia’ and is ‘too uncertain’ about her appearance.


In remarks to the photograph, fans responded to Paulina’s regular excellence and her genuineness about maturing. A few Instagram devotees disclosed to Paulina that time has been awesome to her.

“Once a supermodel always a supermodel,” another wrote. “Don’t change a thing-this is going very, very, well for you! INSPIRATION.”

“Aging like some wine, the older the more refined. Still beautiful and my favorite SI model,” a third fan wrote.

Paulina has been intelligent over the previous year. The ’80s supermodel has posted a few times about maturing and self-esteem, has surveyed adherents about her silver hair, and has been refreshingly forthright about her battles as a currently single parent in her mid-50s almost one year after her better half, The Cars frontman Ric Ocasek, died out of nowhere.