Hailey Bieber looks stunning hot in her latest beach shoot. Moreover Justin and Hailey look adorable together and are enjoying their married life.

Justin and Hailey Bieber are setting new relationship goals each day. These couples are spending every day of their married life in the best way possible. Are we jealous? Yep, a little bit. But you can’t blame us. We are sure you’re a little jealous too. Hailey recently celebrated one year of their married life with a grand ceremony in South Carolina. And the ceremony wasn’t a common one. Many stars attended the ceremony and it was pretty extravagant.

And after the ceremony, it is time for Mrs. Beiber to get back to her work. She created a storm in the Miami beach recently and we are sure you are going to drool over her. The extremely fit 23-year-old model looks stunning after she posed around wearing a series of swimsuits. The shoot was based on an athletic team and we have no doubts why Hailey is perfect for the shoot. Hailey looked like a bright sunflower in a sunny yellow number. The outfit was hot and high cut and flaunted her thighs.

Her swimwear had a unique design and sported a crew neckline. The sleeves rested up to her elbows and had a futuristic hem. She styled her blond hair and let it flow free in loose waves with a middle parting. She paired the outfit with large red sunglasses with mirrored lenses. Hailey carried a kayak paddle along with her. Hailey Bieber soon changed her outfit to a red top and bottoms to go with the retro-inspired shoot. The top of her outfit was backless and had long sleeves with ribbons around her back. And of course, her dear husband joined her later in the shoot. It seems Justin is head over heels in love with Hailey and we can’t help but admit they look adorable together.

Hailey flaunted her toned, tanned legs in a pair of high waisted shorts with a high hemline. Hailey and Justin first got married in September 2018 and waited for a year to celebrate it with their friends and family. They had the best time on the day they exchanged their vows at the Montage Palmetto Bluff Resort.